Peacetree Estate was established in 1995 with the planting of 180 olives trees. The name was taken from the olive branch symbolizing peace and the 200 hardy trees that we planted as a family.

John and Jane Tucker along, with their parents and their four sons, planted the trees, which were then upstaged that winter by the planting of five acres of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon.  In 2001 we were ready to release our first wine and after years of growing for Hayshed Hill, we took the plunge and struck out on our own under the Peacetree label opening our cellar door at the end of 2002.

Our French winemaker Severine Maudoux joined us in 2005, and with an aligned philosophy of minimal sulphur and low acidic wines, Sev is creating beautifully balanced wines intense with flavour incorporating strong old-world techniques and wild extended ferments from our non-irrigated vines all the while focusing on quality not quantity.

Here at Peacetree we are all about aged Cabernets and Fumé Blanc and not forgetting our infamous Tempranillo and our renowned Pineau.

Our cellar door experience has been likened to a warm hug from an old friend, leaving our customers with a smile their face and some quality wine to enjoy while reminiscing on their visit. We hope to share our passion for wine and family, leaving you feeling just that much closer to the boutique wine lifestyle.